Architectural decorations

architectural decorations 3d

We have thought about the idea of creating exactly such an offer for a long time. After analyzing many factors, conversations with potential recipients and market awareness, we have found that we are also willing to help clients create unique things.

The omnipresent stucco, especially the one with simple, regular and symmetrical shapes, is no longer unique. The availability of elements in many designs and sizes is very high. The problem arises when we want to create a decorative element, which is not a standard, not produced from known, popular templates, or cut in a two-axial pile of polystyrene. We put a challenge ahead of us which we would be happy to undertake and not let go until we succeed and satisfy the client.

Production capacity of our ornamental elements

arcitectural decorations 3d lampThis is the moment when we have to write again that there are very few restrictions. An advanced 3d printer with a very large work area gives us almost unlimited perspectives for creating similar elements. Starting from decorative parts of the façade, these tiny and huge ones, through fanciful balusters, balustrades and columns, ending with unique figurines and imaginary shapes. Literally everything that could find its place as a static element blending in with our façade, fence or other place where boredom sneaks in without our help.

Material from which we create decorations

3d architectural decorConsidering the fact that most of the decorations are made for outdoor use, where they are exposed to weather conditions, sunrays and high temperature amplitudes, we specially adjust the main building material to these needs. We print from plastics that are able to withstand all the above-mentioned invalidations without any problems and to serve for many years. We stylize the surface of the finished elements in accordance with preferences, imitating stone, metal, old stone, rust, wood, etc, and then further secure with appropriate means. Ready-made elements will serve satisfied customers for very long years.

Projects of our decorations

We take decisive customers under your protection from the very beginning. In case when there is no ready design yet, and the idea is the same, we use huge patterns bases. If we do not find anything suitable in them, we are able to design and model the element from scratch.

Playback and copying old elements

3d face sculptureWe are also very happy to copy the old element, which due to its earlier damage or poor technical condition, can not be used anymore. We also make additional, missing copies of decorations that were originally placed on the building, and their purchase from the manufacturer is not possible. The object provided to us, even broken, we are able to scan, model and recreate a practically perfect copy of plastic. Based on the completed project, we can repeat the operation many times.