Brans icons

brand icons, sculptures, 3d print

Nowadays, it is very important to present your own business, show your best side, capture the awareness of potential recipients and create your own unique image. Everyone who starts an activity or wants to modernize a functioning one has his own individual idea how to do it.

ikona marki wydrukowana 3dTo a certain extent of these activities, we would like to help our clients. We suggest creating ready-made private label icons. The icon of activity can be any characteristic thing, object, illustration or sculpture, which in character, appearance or location perfectly reflects the scope of the owner's activity. By combining our extensive experience in the industry, huge design skills and production capabilities that 3d printing gives us, we are able to implement virtually every vision of our recipient.

What is a brand icon?

ikona marki wydrukowana 3dImagine that we are the owners of a very large confectionery with traditions. Confectionery, which for many years has become famous for exceptional, non-standard, tasty and exceptional products. Of course, we have our own logotype, detailed interior design, a beautiful and luminous outdoor banner and ubiquitous advertising campaigns that keep the recipient aware of the existence of such a location. Unfortunately, what has been mentioned is nothing special today. We are surrounded by tremendous competition from practically every side. At some point, wanting to remain at the forefront of the industry, we want to create something unique, something unique, which is nowhere else. Something that for a long time will immediately associate the customer with our premises. The icon of our brand that we have to create helps us, it will be our recognizable mark.

ikona marki wydrukowana 3dIn the example described above, the brand icon can be a gigantic fruit cake placed in front of the premises, placed on the building or on company cars. By giving completely different examples, imagine a half-meter-long roll of sushi or a meter of pizza on the roof of the car, providing us with this dish. Two-meter sculpture of a dangerous bull, in front of a pub with real burgers. A gigantic gorilla sculpture in front of the entrance to the zoo or a 3-meter tree illuminated from the inside, advertising a garden store. There are many ideas and we help them to realize them.

The elements we make, depending on the purpose, on which we scrupulously talk, can be resistant to weather conditions, especially mechanically strong, waterproof, waterproof or backlit from the inside. Tell us about your idea and we will advise you and return your vision of your icon.