Designerskie meble

designer furniture 3d

By far the most-liked part of our offer. Nothing pleases our team like a designer, unique piece of furniture that can delight dozens of recipients. We put our hearts and eagerness in every, even small production.

Why furniture printed in 3d

designer reception desk 3dWe have stated unanimously that the production capabilities that our advanced large format 3d printer gives us must also be used in this way. We focus mainly on individual, small elements that add charm to interiors, and at the same time can be objects of everyday use. This does not mean, however, that we do not take up the challenge of creating interior design arrangements, building bars or walls with spectacular shapes, creating lounge corners, reception areas or waiting rooms that are not found anywhere else. We are limited only by our imagination and implementation time.

What we manufacture - three-dimension is not boring

designer bar 3d

We invite you to visit our store, to which the link is certainly located in the upper, expandable menu of the site and to follow the news presented on the facebook and instagram profiles. In these places we always boast about the latest projects, current promotions and ready-made products that we are most proud of! The most favorite by us are:

  • coffee tables and table bases,
  • basics of dining tables,
  • decorative walls in public buildings,
  • receptions of exceptional shapes,
  • wine racks,
  • chairs and stools,
  • sales walls,
  • multimedia cabinets,
  • itp.

The furniture produced by us can be finished in any way. We have a painting chamber and the means to obtain almost every effect of the final surface of the offered items. Our products are mainly made as interior design elements.