Illuminated advertising

illuminated advertising 3d

Following the path, we will not look any further, we will see at least some illuminated advertisements. Running a business, being on the local market is impossible without marking the place with this type of decoration.

All entrepreneurs are driven by similar values. Advertising must be as large as possible, hanging in the best possible place, closest to the final recipient. It should shine continuously as the strongest light, so that nobody would miss it. In addition, ideally, when it does not cost too much, which, unfortunately, strongly affects the quality of the product. All these maneuvers, unfortunately, are already performed on the border of "good taste", visual decency and reason. It is impossible to get the impression that we are irretrievably lost in this race, where we do not know where the finish line is, and really bad light advertisements are still arriving at an alarming rate. Responding to market needs, we have a product in the same category, but completely different than the others.

our illuminated adverts 3d

reklama świetlna 3dForget for a moment about all these simple, cheap, flat banners, which after a few months fade, bend from the heat, discolor from the sun, stop glowing through too much rainfall. Our products are completely different, the production process is 100% compatible with the idea of our business. From the very beginning we talk with the client, we conduct an interview, and when we know what he needs and where he will use it, we give him a proposal of a ready solution. Most of the proposals are individually refined and unique. This minimizes the risk of defects mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph. What we are most proud of, what we want to boast about, is the production capabilities that gives us an advanced large format 3d printer.

reklama świetlna 3dWe are able to print objects of virtually any size and shape, constituting one solid and durable element. We do not have to combine many materials (plastic fronts with metal sides), thus eliminating the risk of unsealing and omitting the process of gluing elements. Our production cycle is an excellent alternative to traditional methods, which so far have often failed, and are already all too well known. By using appropriate filaments for printing, we obtain luminous or matt surfaces, light-emitting or completely resistant to weather conditions. We will create elements of any height of the sides, transmitting light, without the need for laser or water cutting in expensive plastic plates. Without generating waste, which raises only the costs of the entire production.

projects and work files

In terms of acceptable projects and files on which we can work, we do not stand out from the standards in force. We accept all files in the formats of popular graphics programs for processing. In justified cases, we require projects with preserved vectors or three-dimensional mesh mesh visualizations. In the absence of a project, we offer help in its preparation from scratch.