Dekoracje wnętrz

interior decorations vase chromium

Each of us has a person who wants to stand out in some way. We come to the head of various ideas but the most enjoyable ones are those that we can enjoy and use on a daily basis. We are very happy to combine them with the space of everyday life, home, work, office or scene presented in public. With a great pleasure resulting from creating and communing with something special, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

Who is our offer for

decor 3d deerWe meet the expectations of final recipients, both those seeking a one-off contractor and those who systematically need support in the implementation of their ideas. We invite you to cooperate with professionals dealing with:

  • interior design and public spaces,
  • designing of buildings and architectural elements,
  • manufacturers of decorations and interior decorations,
  • sellers of interior design elements, furniture and other equipment,
  • creators looking for a company with opportunities to realize their own ideas,
  • and anyone who finds the right application for our service.

interior decorations 3dWe look forward to the next orders in this area with great anticipation. Each new order is a completely different experience and a confrontation with a completely different vision of perceiving elements of everyday use.

Each element we produce can be finished in any style. In addition to the printing itself, we provide model finishing services by smoothing, filling, painting and polishing. Before all this, however, our graphic designers will make an appropriate three-dimensional project to meet the expectations of the recipient. The item itself, before delivery to the customer, can be finished by painting in any color, it can imitate chromium, gold, silver, wood or other popular surfaces.