Matrix and gauges

matrix and gauges 3d

We can distinguish many types of matrixes, gauges or stencils, depending on the purpose, required strength or complexity of the object, we will adjust the right type of material, we will help in designing and create a ready element.

thermoforming matrix

Thermoforming is a concept that should be known to everyone who has worked for a while in the production or advertising industry. The thermoforming process itself is not very complicated. When the plastic sheet is suitably warmed up, with the simultaneous use of underpressure, the said sheet is applied to the previously prepared mold so as to obtain the desired desired shape. We successfully make molds for such treatments. We are able to make molds of very large sizes without connecting objects. The working plane of our printer is 1 square meter, and the working height is exactly 1.5 meters. Of course, making matrix with a combination of smaller parts is absolutely nothing bad, and sometimes the only way to make a complicated matrix, but we have the opportunity to avoid this maneuver and print the whole element.

We print templates from projects prepared by clients or help in their design and modeling, so that the final result is amazing. The dies are made of materials with very different parameters. The most commonly used are pla, pet, abs and their derivatives with modified properties. Matrix made in this technology is a more durable alternative to matrices traditionally obtained by machining mdf boards, which usually withstand a very small number of repetitions of the thermoforming machine and are poorly resistant to moisture.


3d printed thermoforming matrixImagine a complicated production process of large machines, devices or complex components. The process requiring concentration of the fitter, great accuracy in the distribution of elements on the workspace, the accuracy of which is often hard to demand from an ordinary worker. The production rules help us. Describing in a simple language, these are elements that are a negative of the working (production) field on which component parts from the actual production are placed. The fitter does not think about where to place the item, he simply puts it in the right place, shape perfectly matching only this part. It is an extremely successful improvement, especially to save time and reduce the risk of mistakes.

This is just an example of using the measures we make. Very often, customers come with the need to create a printout, the possibility of which, even we had no idea. This is an ideal description of what we do. We want to meet the expectations of very demanding clients operating in the industrial and manufacturing industries.