Mock-ups of buildings

mock-ups of buildings 3d

We invite you to cooperate with clients who have the need to create mock-ups of buildings, space plans, parks, architectural objects or similar. We are able to print objects with a large area in a quick and easy way.

Mock-ups printed in 3d

mock-ups of castle 3dThe mock-ups printed by us are often elements of field exhibitions, they complement the presentation or they play the main role during sales processes. We can deliver them in the form of raw prints, in a specific color, made of a specific type of plastic or environmentally friendly, biodegradable material.

mock-ups 3dAt the request of the recipient, models can be properly finished. We work with specialized companies dealing in painting, gluing, decorating and styling of the elements we create.

Size of our mock-ups

mock-ups of castle 3d printWe have a 3d printing device of impressive size that places them at the forefront of large format printers in europe. Specialist staff and many years of experience allow us to create practically unlimited sizes of models. If the level of complexity of the object imposes the necessity of dividing it and printing it even in several parts, with the final assembly they will be merged into the way unnoticeable for the recipient.