3d models

We direct our offer to create models, directly to manufacturers or dealers of various types of equipment, vehicles, boats, flying, construction or other similar equipment. The use of models in a reduced scale is invaluable in industries where the presentation of products in a given place, without involving significant financial resources, would be impossible.

Lower scale models - the perfect solution for sale

space ship 3d modelWe often do not realize how great the improvement would be to create a model of our vehicle or machine. The detailed model can be easily presented to potential recipients at individual meetings, industry events, theme fairs or field shows. There is no need to rent a huge space for keeping real devices or engaging large financial resources to organize transport and logistics. The scale in which the model will be created, the details and the way of finishing depends only on the preferences of the customer. Our offer in this area is directed mainly to:

  • producers and sellers of boats, yachts and floating equipment,
  • producers and sellers of cars, motorcycles and other means of movement,
  • producers and sellers of water, land and air sports equipment,
  • manufacturers and sellers of aircraft for passenger, cargo, military and other purposes,
  • makers of mock-ups, copies of artefacts, monuments and excavations,
  • designers of various types of equipment,
  • visionaries who need to realize their digital project,
  • etc.

Other use of models

modele 3d medycznyThis model does not have to be solely a product presentation support aimed at selling a real equivalent of a smaller copy. We often create prototypes of various objects, models for museums, projections of objects from film projections or books. Models are placed in cultural institutions, schools or play various static roles in performances. In cooperation with other companies, we can create floating or flying objects, those that are completely resistant to weather conditions or those that should be stored and exposed only indoors.

Models not only for production companies

We invite you to contact also home hobbyists, who deal with building various types of models. Sometimes a printout of the whole in 3d technology, or just some part of it, is an ideal time, cost and strength solution.