POS advertising stands

pos advertising stands

Our offer of cooperation with customers in this field is another proposition of supporting the sale of own products. The non-standard way of promotion and marketing is often the only possible way to achieve success, and certainly the possibility of a noticeable increase in sales.


The term pos is derived from the english term point of sale, which is actually more convenient to use the abbreviation posm (point of sales media). Both formulations define nothing else than materials / objects supporting the sale of products. You can pick up a very wide range of products, about which we write a little more below. Our offer, however, is limited mainly to objects of ample size, with non-standard shapes. We provide assistance with realizations in which the supporting structure can not be made of corrugated board, plastic sheets or other traditional methods. Determining pos is best in polish terminology. In the world you can hear the term posm or simply pop (point of purchase) more often.

First POS advert

standy reklamowe POSThe beginnings of sales support facilities have been reaching antiquity. Their use was noticeable but certainly not yet defined. Mainly inscriptions on the walls or calls for purchase were used. During the call, the object supporting the sale is the seller himself. The first inscriptions on the walls were made of ceramic tiles or other type of terracotta. Gutenberg started the real revolution with the invention of printing. In the fast-paced market there were many printed materials promoting various types of goods.

Point Of Sale today

standy reklamowe POSPos is a key element in the marketing of virtually any industry where there is sales. Many elements are hidden under the concept of pos, defined below:

  • counter card (leaflet stands)
  • wobbler (mobile advertising attached to the edge of the shelf or standing on it)
  • stickers
  • hanger (hanging materials with the product logo)
  • mock-ups of the enlarged product
  • blocks with leaflets
  • product brochures
  • stands (standing ads)
  • lightbox (illuminated advertising)
  • shelfliner (printed strip placed on the edge of the shelf, containing the product logo, password)
  • topper (advertising element, placed above the advertising stand - display, display)
  • interactive kiosk (interactive posm consisting of a computer and a touch screen)
  • tray (tray for products)
  • pusher/li>
  • end gondola (end of the avenue)
  • checkout
  • gravity feeder

We are happy to help in the creation of pos elements, each of the above, except those where the main medium is printed materials using the traditional 2d method. We approach ambitiously every order so that the final effect meets the expectations of the recipient and how it best fulfilled the sales support function entrusted to it.