Promotional products

promotional products 3d

Every entrepreneur engaged in production is constantly thinking about new methods of promotion. So that in the best way to show the world your new product.

Our idea may appeal to companies for whom field promotions of products are not alien. The traditional method is to build a mobile point of sale or promotion (pos - point of sale) and employ a hostess. If this is not possible for a variety of reasons, or simply this method is already too common, we propose a new solution. We will create for customers, replicas of their product, in XXL sizes. Any element, whether it is a foodstuff, chemical or similar, it is not a problem for us. A properly positioned finished element, it constantly works for the entrepreneur, doing advertising work for him. The facilities are mobile, relatively light and practically maintenance-free. The careful manner of implementation allows their many years of use.

Create process

stage of arrangements (pre-print)

produkty promocyjne 3dAs usual, we start the work with an interview, familiarizing ourselves with the client's needs and precisely giving him the possibilities we have at our disposal. After determining the technical details of the project, we proceed to create an element in the digital version. We accept designs provided by the client, it is also possible to scan a product in 1: 1 scale in 3d, provided by the contractor. Scan after processing and corrections by graphics, is digitally enlarged to the desired size. At this stage, the recipient is constantly informed about the progress of work, moreover, actively participates in it, accepting individual steps. This is the moment in which we must plan the material from which the element will be made, taking into account the conditions prevailing at the place of exhibition.

printing element in 3d (print)

After all necessary arrangements, we proceed to the printing process. A room is prepared and specific machine parameters are set. Printing itself is a complicated and long process. It often lasts from a few to several hours. The print speed is dictated, inter alia, by the complexity of the object and the material from which it is made. These parameters should also be adjusted to the material processing temperature and the degree of aggressiveness in cooling the element. According to the preferences of the recipient, the element is printed from a material with clearly defined mechanical and chemical parameters. We have the opportunity to create biodegradable elements that are environmentally friendly, but at the same time strongly exposed to atmospheric conditions. Materials harder, stronger, resistant to all the previously indicated factors, are also within our reach.

finishing elements (post-print)

Each printout should be prepared in a suitable manner to be forwarded to the contractor. Here, the recipient also has a lot of choice. We can give him a clean, raw element, directly removed from the printer. Often, such products, on their own, are wrapped, painted or used as a form for further production. Painting on any color and design can be done by us. The customer decides to what extent the object itself has to be smoothed before painting. This decision is very important because on every object, you can clearly see the striped structure created during the printing process. Omitting this effect is almost impossible at the printing stage, it is necessary to finish the object after removing it from the printer. We easily undertake finishing tasks, on gluing and filling, starting with very thorough grinding, painting or finishing. We also carry out orders for the subsequent modernization of the objects made, visual changes or modifications to the facility to the extent possible.