Sculpture and monuments

3d sculpture and monument

We pass them every day, we see them in cities, on different squares. We admire them in museums, we take photographs with them in educational institutions. However, we have never wondered how they were created. We give our clients the opportunity to create their own, individually designed, or copied from the original sculpture.

our sculptures

sculpture 3d chromiumOur projects are made using 3d printing technology on a large format, advanced printer. Subsequent processing of the object gives us practically unlimited possibilities in terms of styling and final appearance. The base material of the sculpture is in most cases plastic. Very often we rely on biodegradable material, so as to minimize the contribution of harmful plastics released to the environment. Of course, according to the needs of the recipient, selecting the appropriate material for production, we will adjust the physical and chemical parameters of the object. Finished sculptures can be protected so that they are 100% resistant to weather conditions, do not decompose or discolor from the sun's rays. To achieve this, we use appropriate external protection of elements or already at the stage of 3d printing we use stronger, less susceptible to weather conditions building materials.

skull monument 3dWe are very willing to take on the challenges of creating replicas of existing objects while using 3d scanning technology. In this way, our product can successfully be an element of a museum exhibition or a replica shown on various types of events, without any risk of damaging the original, which is safely stored in the warehouse. We undertake cooperation with:

  • interior designers,
  • creators of usable spaces,
  • advertising and event agencies,
  • artists,
  • all kinds of film and theater creators,
  • others who have a need to create non-standard, spectacular sculptures and monuments.

sculpture process

sculpture 3d chromium

The production process itself is quite complicated. The first step is a thorough analysis of the client's needs. During the conversation, we refine the concept of the object in detail to meet all customer expectations. This is a very sensitive moment, because meticulous determination of all requirements will help us to match the right building material to a 3d printer, which will be resistant to the previously indicated external factors. We will be able to determine the required degree of object hardness, i.e. immunity to physical factors. If the sculpture is exposed to touching, frequent moving, leaning or sitting on it by unauthorized persons, it may require increased wall thickness during printing or filling the interior with a suitable material. After determining all the details, we are able to present the client with our vision of the product along with the exact valuation, which is obviously influenced by many variables.

moai head 3dAfter accepting the above, we go to the production stage, the first step of which is the computer visualization of the sculpture. If the client is not able to provide us with a ready source file, we help in creating it from scratch, modeling existing files or scanning three-dimensional real objects, including a subsequent change in proportion as needed. The working field of the machine is very large but it is not strictly limited. Often the very complexity of the sculpture dictates to us the need to divide it into several components, print them separately in the machine and later gluing together into a coherent whole. In this way, we can create any size sculptures.

3d sculpture deerThe last but very important step is finishing the sculpture - finishing. The object, after being removed from the printer, has the dimensions and the final shape of our sculpture, but its surface is a raw building material, and they have felt the plastics suitably selected by the parameters. Often, we do not have much influence on the color of this material itself. In addition, during the printing process many imperfections on the surface, which require manual processing. Of course, according to preferences, we can give the customer the sculpture in this form, or finish it in any way. The next step is to manually supplement any defects with special repair and build preparations. After this treatment, we proceed to smoothing the machine or chemical surface. Depending on the material from which the sculpture is made, it reacts to specialist chemicals or not, hence the need for mechanical processing. The final phase is painting with primer and proper paint, chosen by the recipient. We have the opportunity to create sculptures imitating:

  • stone,
  • wood,
  • steel,
  • precious metals,
  • copper,
  • many others.

advantages of our sculptures

Our sculptures have been designed from the very beginning and are created with the maximum attitude to the price-quality ratio.